Michele Sires-DeLorean is a self-taught painter from Colorado. While she has been creating art in various forms since 2003, it was not until her three-year residence in New Zealand that Michele began painting on a full-time basis.

DeLorean’s original art brings abstract and representational imagery together in a harmonic dialog that suggests the will and determination of Nature.

Her work is characterized by a constellation of intense colors and conspicuous rhythms often with deconstructed forms that challenge the perspective of the viewer. Whereas her Naturescapes are more representational in style, Inner Landscapes explore the human experience through more abstract elements using metaphors from Nature.


Poppyesque II, 12 x 12, acrylics

Inspiring Michele’s art is her belief that the creative impulse is infinite potential, the unstoppable vital force underlying the interconnectedness of all things.

In 2004 Michele was Founder and President of the Ken-Caryl Art Guild of Littleton, Colorado; and currently she serves the organization as Board Member.

Michele lives with her husband in Littleton, Colorado.