Nymphaea Caerulea, 18 x 24, acrylics

My work is an exploration of the creative impulse underlying the natural order of the universe. As with many artists, my work has developed over time from representational to abstract, though recently I have begun to fuse the two styles. Often I use the universal symbols of the sphere or spiral to reflect the orbiting influences that are fundamental in Nature and in our own lives as well.

My artistic process begins with a photographic image of the subject, which I deconstruct then recombine to suggest developmental growth or an explosion of insight.

In some ways, the process I use reflects Nature’s creative impulse; and, when I transfer the image to canvas, I become the channel for its most exuberant expression. My choices for artistic treatment from that point are instinctive, often spontaneous; and as I build the painting, I may add non-organic symbols or geometric shapes to bring a conversational element into the work.

Ultimately, my goal is to enable the viewer to experience the creative impulse as an expression of infinite potential.

Michele Sires-DeLorean